If you want to learn why and how Section 230 came to be (spoiler alert: porn websites are partly to be blamed) check out the video I produced for Retro Report, in partnership with our friends at Vox.

Democrats and Republicans agree that the law doesn’t serve Americans but disagree on why. Will a repeal help any of their cases?

Somewhere between the early days of Usenet and The Well in the 80s and the rise of Facebook and Twitter in the 2000s, the Internet became our public square. At some point we just accepted that much of our talking, connecting and arguing would happen online. …

Our educational initiative, Retro Report in the Classroom, has a free video and lesson plan for teachers who want to teach fact-checking skills to students from middle to high school.

To stop misinformation at its source, everyone (students especially) should learn how to verify information.

We’re living through a crisis of information (or rather, disinformation) that has led to calls for more fact-checking. There’s no shortage of professional fact-checkers at news organizations like The New York Times and CNN who have stepped up to help correct the record. The work they do is valuable, but it’s worth pointing out that their skills and tools aren’t unique.

Take it from me, Retro Report’s fact-checker: You can…

Joseph Hogan

Checker of facts at Retro Report

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